PROMETHEUS aims to provide post-quantum signature schemes, encryption schemes and privacy-preserving protocols relying on lattice. This requires to explore:

Cryptographic foundations.
Provide solid foundations for the design of privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols resisting quantum adversaries. These include:
  1. clarifying the exact hardness of algorithmic lattice problems in the classical and quantum settings;
  2. determining the relationships between the diverse lattice problems.
Basic tools related to lattices.
Enable the secure and practical applicability of lattice trapdoors, which typically consist of a short basis of some lattice and have been central tools in the design of many lattice- based cryptographic protocols.
Signature and encryption schemes.
Design and implement better lattice-based signatures, encryption, commitment schemes and zero-knowledge proof systems that can easily be combined altogether in higher- level protocols, and prove their security even against side-channel attacks.
Privacy-preserving protocols.
Provide concrete realisations of advanced privacy-preserving protocols. These include the construction and implementation of:
  1. anonymous credentials and related mechanisms (group signatures, anonymous attestations, etc.);
  2. truly anonymous e-cash systems and their generalizations;
  3. electronic voting and other tools for e-democracy;
  4. cryptographic tools related to cyber threat intelligence.